Strategies to increase Membership for your Organization!

1. Get New Members.

With eye-catching layouts for high conversion you can grow your list of potential members and people interested in participating with your organization with a proven eye-catching layouts which help to get those emails in!

Without this, your organization will be solely dependent on social media,which can change on the drop-of-a-hat! Do you know when the latest social media change happen?  Social media is a ever-changing business which will always have a new strategy to use. 

Adding a high converting email gathering module to your website can give you consistent online presence where the user can feel safe to give their information in a secure environment.  *All the emails and data will be for your organization. *We do not use any of your organization’s data for our business efforts.

2. Grow your email list!

You can use a number of popular mass email software out there.  Add this element to your organizations marketing strategy to add one the most effective forms of communication with your client.  You can remind them of events, information and other offers! Our cloud software has easy integration into the most popular email systems.



3. Easy to navigate and highly visible calendar showcasing your organizations scheduled events.

Most organizations function on word-of-mouth without a branded event list or calendar of events. This provides a standard area for your members and others to have a reliable place to find out about your official events without having to login to the latest social media platform.

Allow guest to RSVP or show a Guest List to increase interaction before you event begins!


4. Accept Member Dues Online.

Tired of tracking down members who are behind in dues? With our member module members can have a simple to use system of tracking dues.  Email members reminders of when member dues are to be paid.

Use a system that allows members to see their financial history in a transparent interface




Sell Tickets.

Sell tickets with cheaper fees than other popular Event Sites out there!

Spread awareness of your event without the distraction of a social platform. With all your events being driven by social media, your clients are being bombarded with advertisement constantly.  Risking them leaving to another page of multitude of genres of distraction.

5. Get Compulabs Cloud Membership Solution


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