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Faith + Religious organizations

See how CompulabsCloud™ can provide you more than a website

CompulabsCloud(TM) for your org!

Is your website keeping your community informed?   Temples, monasteries, synagoguesmosques, and churches alike share similar needs and struggles.

The need to engage your faithful constituents and be of service to your community is, and always will be, a top priority. CompulabsCloud™ can handle your data and online services to help you continue to serve.

As a nonprofit organization based in faith and religion, nothing adds more value to your mission than the people.

 Solutions for Your Religious & Faith Based Organization

Integrated Live Streaming

We utilize live streaming solutions that are simple and can provide a high quality experience for you and your faithful constituents.  Online streaming of your services allow you to reach a larger audience and impact a community beyond your physical location!

Donation Tracking

Utilizing CompulabsCloud™ for fundraising simplifies your organization’s ultimate goal of funding the missions central to their operations and allows admins to easily account for donations.


Event Planning

Get updates on the status of your project and events with a click.  Reach your organization’s mission with confidence and experience the benefits achievable with CompulabsCloud™.

Mobile Friendly Website

All our solutions are built to adapt to any size screen or IT hardware.  We seamlessly integrated the latest IT features directly into your website via the Compulabscloud™ platform!

Member Managment

Connect, track, and maintain member relationships like never before with a CompulabsCloud™ nonprofit solution personalized to the unique needs and take your community online.


Online store

Need an online store built for an organization?  You can track member dues,  donations, and purchases in one seamless environment.

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